For 10 days, Ethos Capital and #PIR want your piece of mind about the #ORG dealio

If you were upset about the sale of PIR, managers of .ORG domains, to Ethos Capital and voiced your opposing opinion, get ready for another round.

Apparently, PIR is itching for the deal to close as soon as possible, particularly after Ethos Capital made a “scout promise” to uphold the ethics of the game and not overly profit from the .ORG stewardship.

So now PIR wants the .ORG community to fill out a questionnaire form and submit it to them; the responses will then be shared with the public.

The comment period is from March 3 to March 13 – or just 10 days including today.

“Public Interest Registry (PIR) is soliciting .ORG Community engagement and feedback regarding its proposed safeguards for the Community; specifically, the legally binding commitments contained in the Public Interest Commitments (“PIC”), the .ORG Stewardship Council and anchoring PIR in a Public Benefit LLC framework. “

Says PIR:

“PIR is collecting information via this webform to conduct a transparent engagement comment process. PIR will publish a report of all input received associating the poster’s name and/or organization with their feedback but will not publicize email addresses. PIR will only use the information submitted for this public engagement process.”

Anyone concerned with the sale of PIR to Ethos Capital should fill out and submit the form.

For example, domain investors, organizations, developers, businesses, concerned citizens and anyone who believes that a for-profit should not be trusted with a TLD preferred by non-profits while on a contract with open price caps, go ahead and fill out the form giving PIR a piece of your mind.

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One Response to “For 10 days, Ethos Capital and #PIR want your piece of mind about the #ORG dealio”
  1. David says:

    Thanks for the heads up. I’ve completed the questionnaire.

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