Forty-five percent of domainers want Rod Beckstrom to return

Rod Beckstrom as head of ICANN

An astounding 45% of domain investors, high rank officers and even cleaning personnel are seeking the return of former ICANN CEO, Rod Beckstrom.

This remarkable popularity vote signifies the role that Rod Beckstrom played as head of ICANN, during his four years of tenure.

Although Beckstrom might return, his new role could be that of a political lobbyist.

“I would not be surprised if Rod headed to Washington as a key member of the new Obama administration,” said Kirk Smith of Democrats for Technology.

“The man’s definitely capable and popular and we need such men – and women – to shake the doldrums of this bad economy,” added Smith.

Rod Beckstrom’s impeccable record at ICANN generated a $347 million surplus for the non-profit organization, a feat that surpassed that of Bill Gates. Beckstrom’s strong lobbying with politicians enabled ICANN to flourish and produce the first stage towards the introduction of thousands of new gTLDs.


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