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Francois: Bad croissant brings Domaining .com server down

A bad strawberry croissant, filled with sour jam, appears to be the culprit of today’s downtime for domain news aggregator, Domaining.com

Francois of Domaining.com did something wrong with his croissant today.

Earlier today, Francois of Domaining.com announced that the moment he tossed the croissant into the kitchen sink, it bounced.

“So jump high up and accident switch blender, then spoon rotate fast so I try turn general power off, but zut alors! Database hit by spoon and hard reset. No Titanic disaster, will work fix, ok?” said Francois.

The web site is down, so in the meantime have a heart and visit Domainsville.com and Namebee.com if you can’t wait for RSS feeds of various domainer blogs.

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