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Francois makes it to #5 on Cracked.com!


Francois Carrillo

Cracked.com – the place to visit if you want to go through “Top 10” lists, softcore prOn and fighting kitten videos – has published a list titled “The 6 Least Impressive Ways Anyone Ever Got Rich.

French domainer entrepreneur, Francois Carrillo, and Domaining.com made it to #5 on that list, specifically:

#5. Making Millions by Grabbing the Right Web Domains

Domaining.com is linked to from that article, since it provides the list of the top selling domain names.

Congratulations to Francois for this link juice love from Cracked.com 😀

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2 Responses to “Francois makes it to #5 on Cracked.com!”
  1. fizz says:

    LOL Lucius I checked out #6 ‘Get rich wearing a T-shirt’ which mentioned milliondollarhomepage.com and noticed a prominent ‘A’ on the page’s first row which was an advert for acroplex.com (maybe it’s been mentioned somewhere before). Wonder how much that cost and how much traffic it generated? 😉

  2. Lucius "Gunz" Fabrice says:

    Fizz – Good digging 🙂 The story behind the “A” is here.

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