Francois starts Domain Blogging – Where is Rick Schwartz?

Francois Carrillo: It's time for wine and domain blogging.

Francois Carrillo: It's time for wine and domain blogging.

The unthinkable has happened:

Francois Carrillo, French domainer and owner of has started blogging about domains.

Have you dropped your apricot jam filled croissant yet?

We did, and the five second rule was broken.

Well-known for his interest in catchy domains that he uses to valuate the portfolio of domainers and sell them premium domains or bargain domains from closing auctions, Francois surely has some interesting domain ideas.

Here’s a quick off the cuff interview with Francois from earlier today:

Hello Francois, let’s get to the point: why did you decide to blog about domains?

Well, yes, strange no? Haha, but I find time, I find time to do it. I do it every day now and I will do it when I have strong ideas of domaining. I write a lot in French but now in English. I get better, no?

Very good, and of course your English is excellent. Better than my French, no doubt. How many hours do you spend “doing it” every day?

I spend two to three hours when I do it, per day. I do it well although just started, just started. I watch World Cup 2010, France did ok but no distraction when I do it. Domaining is my cup, hahaha!

Sounds interesting, Francois. So how do you like WordPress?

I like WordPress, is easy. Very – how do you say – beneficial for SEO. You see Rick Schwartz using Typepad, that’s so archaic, mon dieu! I feel sorry for him, he a nice guy but blog look like merde! Understand?

I agree Francois, Rick Schwartz must get some advice from Howard Neu’s design skills. Anything you’d like to tell our readers?

Thanks! I tell your readers to do it as much as I do it. Domaining, very good and funny. Au revoir!

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2 Responses to “Francois starts Domain Blogging – Where is Rick Schwartz?”
  1. Francois says:

    Thanks for this post and the tale using my domain names 😉

    I don’t blame Rick, generally we adopt a system (the most popular at this date) and don’t change it easily (change looks to cost so much, the first step: the decision).
    As a good example I started internet development with Microsft IIS and ASP and 10 years after I still have no clue about Linux and PHP when I know it’s cheaper to use this development system and offers much more libraries.

    I admit I voted for me just to avoid the shame of a possible null vote … LOL
    In a side note what counts is the content, not the appareance but appareance is what people that don’t know you will see, so better to also take care about it.

  2. mr. Schwartz has been successfully blogging for a few years now.. It may take a while for mr. Fracois to catch up, no matter the platform.

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