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Frank Schilling and midget girls

Uber-domainer Frank Schilling maintains a large collection of domains, some of which appear to be rather obscure to the average domainer.

A good example would be the domain InvisibleMonkey.com – which held the scepter to this day as the most bizarre domain Frankie owns.

But wait, there’s a new contender in town!

During the sunrise of the .XXX TLD, Frank Schilling mentioned that he’s not a major adult domain operator, despite the seven figure investment in several .XXX domains.

For some reason, interest in midget girls seem to be a rather bizarre adult fetish, and Frank owns MidgetGirls.com, according to top WHOIS tool DomainTools.

The domain MidgetGirls.com is safe to visit, but be forewarned when Googling “midget girls” for images!

We are curious to know some other such ‘gems‘ that Frankie might be hiding under the hood at DomainNameSales.com 😀

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