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Frank Schilling to lead shipwreck expedition in the Caymans

El Palomita - sank in 1524.

La Palomita – sank in 1524.

In the summer of 1524, Ramon Fernando Cortés led a small fleet of four Spanish galleys into the Cayman Straights; the weather soon turned stormy, and all four ships crashed onto the rocks of Ababa Toco, where Rum Point Drive now exists.

Only four seamen survived.

That was the last that was heard of Cortés, whose cousin, Hernán, ended up conquering the Aztec empire a few years later; but the legend of the rumcake-laden Spanish fleet lived on.

Almost 500 years later, Frank Schilling, uber-domainer and Cayman entrepreneur, is setting on an expedition to locate the shipwreck and salvage its booty.

“I have no doubt, that the ships crashed about two and a half miles northeast from my house, and they are sitting on two feet of pristine sand,” said Frank Schilling, examining the horizon with a portable telescope.

“The 500 year old rumcake mix is extremely preservable and it’s worth more than $10 million dollars. Heck, we’ve spent so much already to apply for the Uniregistry gTLDs, it could help us break even!” exclaimed Schilling.

caymans-shipwreckThe salvage mission, aptly named “Unisalvation“, will commence in July, around the same time the ships of Cortés sank in the Cayman island waters. The participation of the Uniregistry employees will strengthen camaraderie and everyone involved will get equal shares in the findings.

“Somewhere, out there in the Cayman waters, destiny is awaiting us, in the form of a 500 year old rumcake mix, and we are going to make it ours!” exclaimed Frank Schilling, pointing to the horizon.

We will be watching the Unisalvation mission closely and hopefully Frank Schilling and his team will locate the precious cargo of the Spanish galleys, and share the findings with the rest of the world.

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