Frank Schilling : The rise of the #domain name industry

Frank Schilling‘s monumental sale of a premium domain name portfolio to GoDaddy, along with the core IP and operational assets of Uniregistry, was finalized not too long ago.

Schilling’s timing right as the Coronavirus raised its ugly head was the culmination of several months of negotiations. Uniregistry is now enriching GoDaddy with a thesaurus of technical management assets, and has infused GoDaddy’s domain sales department with its expert domain brokerage team.

Better still, Uniregistry stands on its own two feet as a GoDaddy brand, chosen by end users and domainers alike, as a trusted domain registrar.

Frank Schilling did not retire; moving onto UNRUni Naming & Registry – was a strategic move allowing him to continue with his passion about expanding the global domain audience.

An interview to the Financial Times in 2014 predates the arrival of new gTLDs, and at the time, Schilling compared these domain names to electricity:

“Everyone takes for granted that you put the prong in the wall and the current comes out, but somebody has to make that magic behind the curtain firing a turbine generation plant.” It seems Schilling is more than happy to be that man behind the curtain.

Read the full article, titled “Frank Schilling and the rise of the web domain name industry.”

Frank Schilling, Uniregistry founder.

Note: UNR is an advertiser on DomainGang.

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