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Frank Schilling : Uniregistry is on a mission


Uniregistry is on a mission: to become the domain registrar of choice for thousands of domainers and millions of domains.

The technology behind Uniregistry has been developed from the ground up, avoiding the pitfalls of reused, “spaghetti” code and outdated practices in programming.

The end result is obvious, a fast, efficient, fun portal that combines several add-on services: Domain registration, monetization and sales.

It’s the Uniregistry Market.

Recently, Frank Schilling gathered 16 people from his staff in a room for an hour, to brainstorm the company’s mission.

While that feat amounts to “2 man days” according to Schilling, here’s what they outlined on the whiteboard:

  • Connected
  • To make something very complex, very simple and do it with style
  • Open Internet
  • Bridging the gap
  • Enhancing
  • Your platform
  • Real world – Digital world
  • Vanguard of innovation
  • Define yourself
  • Create new business
  • Elegant – style
  • We make it simple
  • Empower
  • Real world value of virtual assets
  • If we make you think, we’ve done something wrong
  • Freedom of expression
  • Initiative
  • Easily accessible / unique
  • Easy and delightful
  • Virtual services
  • Personal identity
  • Experience we deliver

Clearly a lesson in outlining the very essence of corporate culture, at Uniregistry.

Mission accomplished.


Uniregistry: Mission accomplished.

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2 Responses to “Frank Schilling : Uniregistry is on a mission”
  1. Jonathan says:

    They missed one of the most basic things, transparent pricing. I’m talking for bulk. The response is usually email us. Some other domainers suggested using Skype. It’s the only registrar I know where I can’t go to the site and see the numbers for myself. The above is mostly marketing terms. Also, competitive pricing. Looking at GoDaddy’s Discount club, renewals, their prices are actually cheaper for Uniregistry’s own extensions based on the pricing available on their site.

  2. DomainGang says:

    Jonathan – Marketing terms that define the company’s course of action and ideology. You can reach out to them directly about pricing, there are discounted accounts for “domainers” and retail accounts – just as with GoDaddy. Uniregistry’s own extensions aren’t cheaper at GoDaddy with a discount account, that’s a fact.

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