Frank Schilling’s second big moment

Frank Schilling’s big moment arrived when GoDaddy acquired parts of Uniregistry assets, along with his well-established domain portfolio of several thousand domain names.

A year has passed since that sale became public, and Frank Schilling’s second big moment has arrived.

The ongoing auction of Uni Naming & Registry, the managing company of 23 gTLDs, has passed a milestone—the deadline for all participants of the public auction to place their deposits.

Note: UNR is a premium sponsor of DomainGang.

Next week, the TLDs offered by UNR will be auctioned off in three batches, one each day from April 28 onward. On the last day of April, all auctions will be completed, hopefully under new management.

It will be is an exciting moment for the domain industry and Frank Schilling’s hard working acumen through success—twice!

Frank Schilling, Uniregistry founder.

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