: Julie’s Freebies gets a new ‘domain hack’ for brand protection

Julie’s Freebies is a popular repository of coupons, sweepstakes, advice on frugal living and other such freebies.

With more than 400,000 Likes on Facebook, the community is thriving and sticky traffic looks great.

Julie's Freebies, now

Julie’s Freebies, now

Naturally, the web site operates from and the focus is exactly that last part, “freebies.” 😀

In a brilliant move to ensure both brand protection and shortening of it, the company has acquired the Spanish ccTLD,

Domain hacks such as this one deliver the brand visually and phonetically, while shortening its length.

While no selling price was disclosed, its former registrant announced the sale of, visibly proud of its use.

For more info, visit

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