and Two domains loaded with carbs got sold!

DropCatch auctioned off two domains that are loaded with carbs, yesterday., an exact match .com domain for “fresh bread” aficionados, sold for $5,601 dollars. That’s a lot of dough for a domain that existed since 1997 and which was inexplicably not renewed.

Canada-based Weston Foods dropped this loaf in late April, at The company’s IT director, Steve Schutz, appears to have been in control of the domain; at least that’s what the email connected to the domain looked like.

Meanwhile,, a domain loaded with carbs as beer is essentially liquid bread, dropped as well. The domain existed since 1998, and ended up being sold on DropCatch for $3,100 dollars. CSC Corporate Domains somehow let this short beer domain lapse. Too much beer, perhaps?

Which domain is a bigger loss to their prior registrants?

Obviously, losing a generic such as is a big loss to a company that produces bread, among other products. On the other hand, the previous owners of are not known.

DropCatch made a cool $9k off both domain auctions and they will probably celebrate the sales with some beer and fresh bread.

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