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From G8 to ICANN49: Russia joins Singapore conference


After a much anticipated exit from the G8 over the Crimea crisis, Russia is joining forces with the ICANN pro-globalization committee.

Andrei Globilenko, Russian representative for the Kremlin Bureau of Intercultural Propaganda (KBIP), took the podium at ICANN49 in Singapore.

Putin sent a message to all ICANN attendees.

Putin sent a message to all ICANN attendees.

“Ladies and gentleman, let me thank you, and assure you that profil we aim to present for world, is better than US govern. For ICANN success, remove IANA – hand of NSA – and present friendship for world. With effort become progress, and comrade Fadi wonderful man and open mind. I bring greeting from president Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, and great success information. Spasibo!”

One could clearly witness the excitement in the intensity of applause by fellow ICANN globalists; the transition from US government control could not have arrived at a better time, particularly now that Russia is cornered by the US government over its annexation of Crimea from Ukraine.

“Brother Andrei, the eyes of the world are watching us all!” said ICANN president and CEO, Fadi Chehadé after Globilenko left the podium.

“The Board and I are ready for dialogue with Russia and other constituency groups, to ensure that the world will take over the Internet!” exclaimed Chehadé, as the room filled with cheer.

ICANN49 continues its numerous meetings after the lunch break; fresh fish and a variety of crustaceans will be offered, along with vegetarian meals and wines from Argentina, Peru and Mongolia.

The day will close with a cocktail party and the premiere of the pro-globalism documentary, “Life on Mars: Is it possible under NASA control?

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