From Japan to China: New owner for 999 .com

The triple digit dot com domain,, changed hands recently via Sedo.

Registered in 1995, the domain remained in the hands of Japan-based “Virtual Communications Corporation” for several years.

In fact, the previous Japanese admin contact domain, was dormant since 2007 – according to

The new owners are from China, a country gone “loco” over numeric domain names, as numbers have a special meaning in the Chinese culture and modern communication media.

Definitely an interesting sale; the selling price for is expected to have been in the mid five figures.


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One Response to “From Japan to China: New owner for 999 .com”
  1. rkbdomain says:

    Hi Lucious. Nice to see another westerner reporting on numeric domains. I have a blog devoted to numerics, market information, auction results, etc., but very few are interested in these domains other than the Chinese. I recently reported on how domains (five digit .com’s) are sold out and recent registrants (almost all Chinese) are renewing their domains at high rates, suggesting this time the buyout is for real. Given that there are nearly 100k six digit domains registered already, it’s not surprising. I would be interested to see what ultimately sold for. Anyways, I have added your site to my link list, and would love to see more reporting on numerics!

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