FTX scandal: GoDaddy on the list of creditors

The FTX scandal is unraveling daily, with the troubled crypto company once valued in the billions of dollars going through bankruptcy.

The list of creditors of FTX was released last week and among them are some big names: Apple, Microsoft, Alibaba, Coinbase, and others, are claiming a minimum of $3.1 billion dollars.

With more than 1 million individual creditors whose names were not included in the list, the amount owed is inconclusive.

From the domain industry, GoDaddy is listed as well, presumably for services that might involve domain registrations, renewals, web hosting and related services. A tweet by the FTX founder from October 2022, before the scandal broke, mentions GoDaddy and hosting.

It’s not clear how much money FTX owes GoDaddy but such a loss should probably be included in the upcoming Q4/2022 and annual financial earnings scheduled for February 14th.

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One Response to “FTX scandal: GoDaddy on the list of creditors”
  1. BullS says:

    Breaks my heart to hear these millionaires and billionaires lost their hard earned money. Am not surprised too that the guy that used to promote the paradise NFT lost money too as that site is down….,maybe he too is under the SEC investigation for promoting illegal NFTs

    anyway I will drown my sorrow with my home brewed 10yrs old dry plum cherry sake

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