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Future Media Architects : Elequa’s #domain portfolio company is under new management



Future Media Architects (FMA) is under new management.

FMA.com, the company co-founded by domain investor Thunayan Alghanim, known as Elequa, is now under the control of his sister, Shareefah Khalid Alghanim.

The change in management is the result of several years of litigation between the two siblings.

According to court documents, Mrs. Alghanim asserted that her brother mismanaged the company, and indulged in a variety of vices impeding his judgement when making decisions about FMA. The two siblings were equal partners in the company with a 50% stake each.

During discovery, Mrs. Alghanim sought to obtain documents from a variety of corporate sources, and from a number of countries. Despite the other party’s legal objections, the motion was eventually granted, ending a dispute that lasted four years. Mr. Thunayan Alghanim has been removed from officer of FMA.

In recent years, a large number of domain names owned by FMA were sold off via the Uniregistry Market, which remains the sole authorized sales agent for the Future Media Architects portfolio.

More details can be viewed on CourtListener (link to docket.) One such document is below:

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