Future Media Architects : Short #domain selling in 2017 and the #Chinese market

Elequa – Photo courtesy Cate Colgan.

As we’re bidding farewell to 2017, it’s evident that short domains lost the appeal sustained throughout 2015/2016 and prices dropped.

Despite fears of a complete meltdown, pricing of the quintessential, Chinese-favored variety – LLLL .com’s with no vowels or the letter “V” – stabilized this year.

We currently see prices around the $1,000 dollar mark for such domains, slightly up from previous months.

The most important thing to note is that the summer wasn’t a complete disaster, unlike a year ago; we will keep an eye into the new year as the Chinese domain market unfolds in 2018.

Future Media Architects, a prolific seller of LLLL .com domains in 2016, sold very few domain assets in comparison this year.

Let’s take a look at the most notable domains that FMA sold in 2017. Future Media Architects is the brainchild of domain investor Thunayan K. AL-Ghanim (Elequa).

While this is a non-exhaustive list, it pales in comparison to the hundreds of LLLL .com domains that FMA sold in 2016.

Most likely, they sold these assets at the top of the market, and are waiting for it to rebound.

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