A 2006 #UDRP led the registrant to create an insane disclaimer page!

The registrant of the domain, matching the female first name “Gail,” was hit with a UDRP in 2006. The domain was registered in 1996 as a present to the registrant’s wife.

The ensuing anguish caused by a Brazilian company asserting rights to the GAIL mark, led the registrant to create a landing page full of disclaimers.

All that, despite a win in that 2006 UDRP that ended with the WIPO panelist denying transfer of the domain to the Complainant, Gail Guarulhos Indústria e Comércio Ltda. would also be classified as a very common typo of, just like that of

Here’s, in part, what the disclaimer on says:

Q: Interested in selling
A: Sorry, no.

Q: How did you manage to get
A: My husband registered it as a birthday gift back in 1996.

Q: How many times a day is this page visited?
A: In 2020 this page received a total of 5,950,012 hits, which is an average of 16,257 per day. Looking at just unique hits, we received a total of 1,295,284, for an average of 3,539 unique hits per day. Occasionally, we get Twitter-bombed and may get several tens of thousands of visitors a day. As an example, on July 21st 2020 we received 109,316 hits.

Q: Are you interested in monetizing
A: No, but thanks for asking.

For the full list, visit knowing you are not going to Google’s Gmail. 😀

Story kudos: Nadia.

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