: SEC decision on blocking free database searches

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) performed a rare emergency Zoom meeting on Saturday afternoon, conferring on its online searchable database.

Hours after domain investor, George Kirikos, unveiled yet another monumental domain sale, that of, the SEC is eager to disable all future searches of its database.

“With respect to recent extensive use of our database to unveil SEC filings’ intricate financial details, we are seeking a moratorium or the potential embargo of such free searches,” said Beau R. Crat, assistant to the executive secretary of SEC’s president.

“Mr. Kirikos is clearly enjoying a service that was meant to share financial details with a financial focus from a simplified, consumer standpoint; while there are numbers detailing domain sales, Mr. Kirikos’s skills and ability to identify the exact domains involved creates a thorny issue for our organization,” added the SEC assistant.

The SEC now plans to launch its own domain-focused blog, sharing details about domain sales and usurping the traffic that domain-centric blogs enjoy currently. The move will deprive domain sales investigators of their bread and butter, articles that share domain names and how much they sold for.

We have reached out to George Kirikos for a response on the matter; he is not going to be happy with the developments.

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2 Responses to “ : SEC decision on blocking free database searches”
  1. Beau R. Crat, I love it! Is it already April 1st? 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    It may not necessarily steal traffic from domain blogs. Google algorithm is becoming more about user interaction with the website than domain authority. Domain bloggers will probably just have to work harder, provide more insight and commentary to outperform the .gov sites.

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