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Game Over for Chatroulette perverts

OMG my eyes! Just been on Chatroulette!

It’s game over – at least for now – for Chatroulette perverts that expose themselves on popular video chat platform, Chatroulette.com – thousands of offending IPs have been blocked by the system administrator.

Once considered as the next platform for audiovisual conversations between random individuals, Chatroulette has turned into a virtual masturbatorium for flashers and perverts.

Chatroulette announced that they will be going to take steps against the worst offenders by threatening people who exposed themselves to minors with the police.

The 18 year old Russian founder, Andrey Ternovskiy announced that his company has started to collect evidence and is in the process of contacting law enforcement about the issue.

“We’ve blocked thousands of IP addresses, reported offenders and service seems to be much cleaner than before. That is cool. Now give us some time to put new features in place”, said Ternovskiy.

It is unlikely that these measures will stop those that seek a supposedly anonymous medium such as Chatroulette in order to force their nudity onto unsuspected visitors. Although Chatroulette introduced channels of adult nature recently in an apparent effort to classify its visitors, more than 75% of its visitors appear to be ignoring the guidelines.

A recent security report put together by researchers at the University of Colorado, titled “Intrusions into Privacy in Video Chat Environments: Attacks and Countermeasures” [PDF link] demonstrates how Chatroulette can be utilized to deceive unsuspecting visitors and for phishing attacks.

According to Alexa, Chatroulette traffic has taken a dive in the recent months, especially during the World Cup 2010 days in South Africa.

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3 Responses to “Game Over for Chatroulette perverts”
  1. Nordi says:

    WTF?? Looks like traffic will bottom out lol

  2. VRtv says:

    hi morning

    where’s the software that powers up Chatroulette ??

    thanks , Eunice

  3. GuessWho says:

    But everyone goes there to see all the cocks don’t they? Don’t they?

    ….really, now don’t they?

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