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GameBlast.com : Former #Viacom domain has been sold for $5k

Media giant Viacom dropped the ball on GameBlast.com, and the domain dropped twenty years after its registration in 2000.

Its ensuing auction on DropCatch ended today, with the winning bid of $5,050 dollars being cast by DropCatch user “global.”

Game-related domains are hot these days, with the online gaming industry commanding more than $150 billion dollars worldwide. It’s projected to expand even further all thanks to the new economy in the era of Covid-19.

The domain GameBlast.com was in the possession of Shockwave, a former Viacom company and online gaming platform.

GameBlast.com on DropCatch


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4 Responses to “GameBlast.com : Former #Viacom domain has been sold for $5k”
  1. Bill Kara says:

    Shockwave is a Bill Kara company my friend 🙂

  2. DomainGang says:

    Bill – That’s amazing. Why did you drop GameBlast.com then?

  3. Bill Kara says:

    What was the whois for is? Was it listed with a shockwave address?

  4. should have kept it bill. why not put all your names in one portfolio?

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