: Former #Viacom domain has been sold for $5k

Media giant Viacom dropped the ball on, and the domain dropped twenty years after its registration in 2000.

Its ensuing auction on DropCatch ended today, with the winning bid of $5,050 dollars being cast by DropCatch user “global.”

Game-related domains are hot these days, with the online gaming industry commanding more than $150 billion dollars worldwide. It’s projected to expand even further all thanks to the new economy in the era of Covid-19.

The domain was in the possession of Shockwave, a former Viacom company and online gaming platform. on DropCatch


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4 Responses to “ : Former #Viacom domain has been sold for $5k”
  1. Bill Kara says:

    Shockwave is a Bill Kara company my friend 🙂

  2. DomainGang says:

    Bill – That’s amazing. Why did you drop then?

  3. Bill Kara says:

    What was the whois for is? Was it listed with a shockwave address?

  4. should have kept it bill. why not put all your names in one portfolio?

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