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Gamil.com : World’s best Google ‘Gmail’ anagram is a real business

After an inquiry on Domain Name Sales arrived from a gamil.com address, we pondered at the easy to make typo.

Gmail has been a service of Google since its beta launched on April 1st, 2004.

Although the email service was opened to the public in 2007, there was already a lot of typo traffic to one particular web site: Gamil.com.

The domain is owned by Gamil Design, Inc., a product and graphic design company from North Carolina. The company formed in 1995 but the domain Gamil.com was not registered until 1998.



Gamil means “handsome” in Arabic, and is pronounced “gah-meel.

The company’s founder, Aly Khalifa, noticed a large surge in web traffic, which according to data from 2007 was more than one million visits per month.

At the time, the following message was added to the web site, to guide those that intended to visit Gmail instead:

“You may have arrived here by misspelling Gmail. We understand. Typing fast is not our strongest skill. But since you’ve typed your way here, let’s share.”

There is no indication that the domain was ever used to confuse its visitors, pretending to be Gmail; there is no UDRP found in the UDRPSearch database either.

Currently, Gamil.com appears to be broken, and screenshots from a year ago indicate that it’s still being used as before.

One of the downsides of Gamil being an anagram of Gmail, is that when searching for it in Google, the search engine suggests “Gmail.” πŸ˜€

You can visit their page on Facebook, Gamil Design.


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3 Responses to “Gamil.com : World’s best Google ‘Gmail’ anagram is a real business”
  1. Priya says:

    I need to create an email which ends with @gamil.com. That was typo in my recovery email . Could you help me on that ?

  2. Nishanth says:

    I need to create an email with this domain Gamil.com. It’s my recovery email typo. Can anyone help me please?

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