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Generic #domains : Law group operates PoliceBrutality.com

There’s nothing more effective than a generic domain that has been developed, as in the case of PoliceBrutality.com.

The recent protest waves around the US for the death of George Floyd are spreading awareness on the current state of police brutality.

Despite efforts to curb such use of excessive force by the police, the issue remains.

The domain PoliceBrutality.com is operated by a Chicago based law group, Action Legal Group.

The content on PoliceBrutality.com follows the design of the law firm’s primary web site, ActionLegalGroup.com – a good practice from an SEO perspective, and considerably better than framing the content, or just forwarding the domain name.

PoliceBrutality.com might be under lease by Precision Marketing Solutions, unless the domain was sold outright. No historical sales have been reported at NameBio for PoliceBrutality.com.

The domain was registered in 1999 and it’s currently at Enom. As recently as in 2015, it was displaying parking content with PPC ads.

PoliceBrutality.com – Photo by AJ Colores on Unsplash

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