Geo domain traffic spikes: Visit Kennebunk and Kennebunkport

Kennebunkport in Maine – where the Alexis Wright “zumba sex” scandal developed.

Kennebunk and Kennebunkport were founded in the early 1600’s in Maine, as part of the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

The quiet, picturesque towns are popular destinations among the young and older folk, who want to stay at a romantic place along the New England coast.

And now, due to the notoriety of the Alexis Wright “Zumba sex” scandal, Kennebunk and Kennebunkport are becoming “hot” points of interest, both for the residents and the owners of geo-domains.

Remarkably, contains no information about the city of Kennebunk, but rather, it streams a series of police radio frequencies live! however, is a portal – albeit, not an official one – that provides information for people that are seeking to visit.

The same folks seem to own,,,,,,,,, and

Clearly an opportunity for geo-domain investors, such as the Castello Brothers and their CCIN network to tap into!

There are more than 380 “Kennebunk” domains registered, according to ZFBot.

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