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Geo madness: TravelShark acquires 80 premium domains

TravelShark owns a network of thousands of developed geo web sites.

Geo domains are always hot commodities. Take for example leading online global travel network TravelShark.

Wanting to strengthen its position in popular destinations in Asia and Europe, TravelShark announced the acquisition of 80 new major-market, destination-specific websites.

Formerly known as SwiftRank, TravelShark’s newest domain acquisitions – all now live sites with new and enhanced TravelShark content – include heavily trafficked sites in premium travel locales, including BeijingHotels.com, SingaporeHotels.com, BangkokHotels.com and KualaLumpurHotels.com.

TravelShark is the world’s largest online travel network, with thousands of location-based travel websites for destinations around the globe.

The TravelShark network owns more than 15,000 hotel-related domain names, the vast majority of which are developed web sites, such as LasVegasHotels.com, SydneyHotels.com and HotelLondon.com.

Visit TravelShark.com for more information.


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2 Responses to “Geo madness: TravelShark acquires 80 premium domains”
  1. Steve says:

    I wonder if some of the 15k+ domains are in languages other than English?
    Good article.

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