George Zimmerman : Domain name used during trial now on auction

George Zimmerman‘s entrepreneurial focus shone through today, after a personal web site used during his much publicized trial hit the auction block.

Heavily utilized by Zimmerman to promote his innocence, the domain name hit eBay auctions on Friday, and has already reached $69 million dollars and more than 250 bids.

The auction listing polarized domain investors, some of which believe that it promotes racism, hatred and segregation; some agreed and some disagreed with the domain listing move.

“I think he’s just a douchebag for allowing this, he should let it go,” said DeMarcus Anthony Jackson of Miami, Florida. “He should get a real job instead of auction stuff like this to make money, knoamsayin!” exclaimed Jackson.

Meanwhile, Billy Bob Wonker of Pensacola, Florida, fully supports Zimmerman:

“My man George, he can do them eBay whatever domain he want, don’t he found innocent, no? I think this is just a big ass media conspiracy to make him look bad but it don’t matter. Go George!”


Update: The controversial auction for George Zimmerman’s domain didn’t last long, eBay has now cancelled the domain listing and has refunded the fees.

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