German company NIVEA buys 10% of Sedo – Expands SedoMLS into facial moisturizers

NIVEADO will be a 2 billion per year company.

With more than 125 years of experience in skin care and one of the world’s most modern research centers, NIVEA is a powerhouse on the Internet as well.

Acquiring 10% of Sedo sounds unreal, by all means.

NIVEA, a sponsor of Domainfest, provided moisturizing cream to the domainers that shaved their heads for a good cause during the event.

In an announcement, NIVEA Germany states the following:

“Vit ze cream experience, und ze popular applicazion fur domainers, vi are proud prezent new brand moisturizer fur zich.”

Executive Hannah Mountanne of Sedo stated that the acquisition of 10% of Sedo by NIVEA will create a new company, aptly named NIVEADO.

“In our new company we will be able to reach out to domainers around the world and promote the NIVEA product line on our SedoMLS and SedoMLS Pro”, said Hannah Mountanne.

“Whenever a domain buyer places an offer on our affiliate web sites, they will be presented with the NIVEA catalog of products at discounted rates”, she added.

The NIVEADO corporation is expected to produce quarterly sales of 500 million euro combined.

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