Geshua The Lord Divine: A Domainer Christmas Story

A long time ago, in a land far far away, a bright shiny star showed the way to Three Wise Men to witness the birth of a king, that took them to the small town of Icann.

Al Riq Abuschwartz, the Oracle Keeper, brought with him a camel loaded with gold, certain that the newborn king would appreciate the gift of the shiny metal.

Al Fran Alishilling, the Master Magician, led a horse steed loaded with frankincense, believing that it befitted a new king more than anything else.

The last of the Three Wise Men, Al Kev AbuHam, the Great Merchant and Doctor, brought along a mule that carried myrrh, its scent suitable for the newborn baby king.

By midnight, they arrived in Icann, where the newborn baby king slept in a barn full of animals, that kept it warm with their body heat.

The Three Wise Men, all Magi Domainers, knelt down in awe at the feet of the newborn king.

The birth of a new king was a rare phenomenon, and the prophecy had spoken of his arrival for years.

“Oh, King of Kings, Savior Geshua The Lord Divine!” exlaimed Al Riq Abuschwartz, his hands shaking from excitement and unexplained humility.

“You are finally here, to believe in, to follow with an open heart – here are my gifts, I present them to you!” added Al Riq Abuschwartz, bowing his head to the newborn.

Al Fran Alishilling followed, and unloaded his horse, spreading frankincense around the barn that was lit by the shining star from above.

“Angels have spoken, you are the new king, Geshua The Lord Divine!” said Al Fran Alishilling, his voice delivering a powerful crescendo of admiration to the new king. “May your days of rule on this earth be numerous and your kingdom shall be strong!”

The last of the three Magi Domainers, Al Kev AbuHam, delivered his myrrh from the mule, and spoke thus to the newborn:

“My heart is full of ecstasy for your arrival, oh Geshua The Lord Divine, for my days as an alchemist shall now be relived!”

As the three Magi Domainers all bowed their heads, a powerful source of light cast its rays upon the small town of Icann, and heavenly pipes chimed the moment of revelation.

The birth of Geshua The Lord Divine signified the beginning of a new era for all Magi Domainers, who would study the scriptures and praise the Newborn King of Kings.

What a magnificent future GTLD beholds!

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