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Get your FINAL final offer for #domains at #Sedo

Sedo allows two parties to communicate through its moderated interface; the buyer makes an offer, and the seller responds.

This approach allows for the filtration of “bad” content, while maintaining the domain inquiry exchange at a high level of quality.

Sometimes, however, some things seem odd.

Our old time friend, Dale, has discovered the following inconsistency, when placing a “final offer” for a domain at Sedo:

As Dale explains in his own words:

That statement is cut and paste from Sedo’s buyer response choices that can be displayed immediately. Other responses take up to 48 hours for Sedo to approve.

As a seller, you are required by Sedo to make a “counter offer”. The buyer on the other hand only has to make another offer, which can be the same exact price as the original offer:

Also, the buyer can choose the above response “This is my final offer.”

After they make that statement, they can then make another offer if they want, or if the bid thread is cancelled, they can start a new bid thread. Only if a third bid thread is attempted will a buyer be blocked by Sedo.

The question is: Is stating the “This is my final offer,” and then making another offer perjury? Sedo states all offers are legally binding. It would seem all language exchanged during that process is also legally binding.

We’ll check with Sedo and try to get some answers for you, Dale! 😀

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One Response to “Get your FINAL final offer for #domains at #Sedo”
  1. Webhost UK says:

    Its fantastic work done by sedo. This feature will take the domain sale transparency to a better level.

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