#GetPumped .com closing price deflated after second #domain auction at #DropCatch

A few days ago, DropCatch caught a cheater on its system, who ran up auctions. Several domain name auctions that had ended at inflated prices, were then re-listed.

The ensuing domain auctions brought prices down, once the bidding pest was eliminated from the DropCatch bidding mechanism.

Today, GetPumped.com ended at $4,658 dollars, down from last week’s recorded price of $10,022 bucks.

That was quite the deflation! 😀

Winning bidder, DropCatch user “Contact,” won the auction for GetPumped.com. While the domain sounds generic, there are several trademarks at the USPTO ranging from styled t-shirts, to hair products and even plumber services.

And an interesting tidbit: GetPumped.com was owned by Mike Mann’s Domain Asset Holdings outfit several years ago, but he sold it in 2010.

Auction for GetPumped.com

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