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#GhostbustersAfterlife.com : Was the #domain sold?

Sony Pictures shared the first trailer for Ghostbusters : Afterlife, the much-awaited sequel to the Ghostbusters franchise.

In an “oops!” moment, they didn’t register the matching domain name, GhostbustersAfterlife.com. The registrant seems to have pranked everyone by showing a page with a blurry anus, but that display has given up the ghost.

Right now, a 404 error page is displayed. At the same time, the domain’s status is in “OK” mode, which means that it’s currently unlocked.

Could it be that the domain has been sold?

Ghostbusters: Afterlife does not come with the matching .com domain

Or has there been a C&D nastygram that forced the domain’s registrant to take down that image and begin the process of handing over the domain name to Sony Pictures?

We’ll revisit both of these scenarios in a few days. For now, who you gonna call? 😀

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