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GianFranco DiNapoli : World’s oldest domainer

Oldest domainer, GianFranco DiNapoli.

Oldest domainer, GianFranco DiNapoli.

When it comes down to longevity, one never knows how far their life’s path stretches.

Unlike many domain investors such as Rick Schwartz, Italian GianFranco DiNapoli isn’t a man in his 60’s.

In fact, DiNapoli is almost twice the age of the Domain King, at 114 years of age.

His great-grandson, Giuseppe DiNapoli, spoke about his Grande Papa’s secret to such blessed longevity in an impromptu interview over linguini alfredo with meatballs:

“My grand papa, he is very active, and start day at 5am with a glass of water, a spoonful of honey and breathe air of Napoli, window open.

He then start domain research, about two hour, he take a nap at noon, then back to research. Always check PPC at Domain Name Sales, respond email, then poop in bathroom.

He eat meatball one a day, but raw and sprinkle olive oil, with a bit of Sicilian wine. He sleep at 8 o’clock every night.”

GianFranco DiNapoli is indeed the oldest domain investor in the world, earning about $20 every day from his PPC investments. His great-grandson hopes that he’ll be around many more years to come.

“When I tell him about invest in gTLDs, he shook head, and told me ‘Cazzo! Figlio di troia!’ in loud voice. I think he don’t like gTLD and only .com!” exclaimed Giuseppe DiNapoli, smiling.

Hopefully we’ll get to meet GianFranco DiNapoli at NamesCon next year!

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