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GiftCards.com : Valued at $11 million dollars, part of a 9-figure sale!

GiftCards.com value : $11 million dollars.

GiftCards.com value : $11 million dollars.

George Kirikos has been digging up SEC reports like there’s no tomorrow. 😀

After unveiling the sale of LA.com, the Canadian domain investor shared the 8-figure valuation of a domain that was part of a much larger sale.

The domain GiftCards.com was sold with a price tag of $11 million dollars, but it was part of an asset sale valued at $103.8 million dollars.

That’s 9 figures, if you’re too lazy to count all the zeroes!

According to the SEC 10-Q filing of Blackhawk Network Holdings:

“On January 5, 2016, we acquired Omni Prepaid, LLC and its subsidiaries GiftCards.com, LLC, which sells digital and physical prepaid gift card solutions to consumers through a high-trafficked gift card U.S. website, and OmniCard, LLC, which sells customized prepaid incentive and reward solutions for business clients (collectively, GiftCards). The new sites and customers will expand our e-commerce businesses.”

That being said, GiftCards.com cannot be included in the roster of top domain sales, due to it being part of a larger group of assets, per the report.

Thanks again, George; you are a master sleuth!

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