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Girls talking .com : HugeDomains hits the sweet spot pricing for domain assets

HugeDomains has been the absolute king for domain sales, in the sub-$5,000 range.

With more than 2.5 million domain names under management, the sister company of DropCatch sells most of its assets for less than $5,000 dollars.

HugeDomains owns many generics and numerous two word composite .com domains.

If you are contemplating one such great generic, girlstalking.com seems a good fit for a social media site, chat app, or female support network. That’s what girls do, they talk, and the domain is available for $3,095 dollars.

Huge Domains even helps you define the domain with strategically placed capitalization:  GirlsTalking.com.


But, look what happens when you shift the capital one place to the left: GirlStalking.com.

Now this is a whole new site, with a completely different business model.

If fact, you may want to buy DiamondBailbonds.com at the same time.  It’s a bargain at $2,095 dollars, again from HugeDomains.

Many thanks to Dale for this gem.

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One Response to “Girls talking .com : HugeDomains hits the sweet spot pricing for domain assets”
  1. Don W. says:

    2.5 Million names.

    Is my math correct, they need to sell about $50k/day to break even?

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