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global-utopiaA lot of raving over the latest dot .Global gTLD but in our opinion, this is just superficial.

Surely, great keyword+gTLD combinations stand a good chance to be sold at the Registry auctions, often at prices that might shock many dot .com owners.

However, none of these dot .Global domains are as impressive, as Dr. Chris Hartnett’s Global domain portfolio.

After selling – the host of his “Global” domain portfolio – Dr. Hartnett moved the bulk of his domains to, where they are listed as:

“The largest assemblage of singly branded Internet real estate in the world.”

There are more than 3,500 “Global” domains listed there, with prices ranging from $2,750 to $2.5 million dollars.

Clearly, this makes Dr. Chris Hartnett the largest “Global” domain portfolio owner in the world, especially since the dot .Global gTLD hasn’t really taken off.

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