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#GoDaddy catches employee abusing company policy in shocking #domain industry scandal

GoDaddy – new corporate scandal

GoDaddy caught one of their employees red-handed yesterday, taking immediate action to correct the issue.

Paul Nicks, VP and GM of the Aftermarket at GoDaddy, shared the shocking news on the corporate blog:

“Having watched the employee’s behavior closely over the course of the past 18 months, we are enforcing the corporate policy effective immediately.

No domainers were hurt in the process, and we did a thorough due diligence across both lunch times!” said Mr. Nicks, smiling.

Joe Patrick Bloggs, former tech advisor at GoDaddy, is now past history at the registrar, as his employment was terminated.

According to the investigation at GoDaddy, which completed in a record 48 hours, the former employee broke several important company rules:

  • Used his own, non-sanitary cup for unlimited refills from the corporate water bottle.
  • Told Mr. Nick’s administrative assistant, “listen buddy,” at least twice.
  • Ate another employee’s lunch from the office fridge five times every week for three months.
  • Forgot to wash his hands after going to the bathroom, using a shared headset afterwards.
  • Looked up domain names using Uniregistry.com instead of GoDaddy’s WHOIS
  • Questioned the effectiveness of the current GoDaddy campaign, saying “we need more titties like in the good old days.”

The obvious scandal at GoDaddy doesn’t paint a good picture about the biggest domain registrar in the world – which continues to frustrate its users with an antiquated mobile web site.

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