#GoDaddy : Domain sales report for January 2021 topped by Steam.com

GoDaddy has released its latest domain sales report, with data curated from January 2021 sales. The list is inclusive of all channels and the price listed is the final price paid by the buyer.

Topping the list is Steam.com, selling for an astounding $390,560 dollars. Surprisingly, this 1994 registration was sold to a Chinese buyer and not to the video game digital distribution “Steam” service by Valve.

This report has been provided directly by GoDaddy, and we share the list of domain sales without any editing. Domains in bold represent six figure sales and up. This sales list excludes any domain transactions for which any involved party has requested confidentiality.

steam.com $390,560
weshare.org $280,000
skweezer.net $144,000
btc365.com $143,480
goon.com $120,000
symphonic.com $115,000
pulseoximeter.com $90,000
mediant.com $90,000
own.co $87,750
explanation.com $70,000
nextplay.com $66,000
dedicate.com $60,000
brensocatib.com $60,000
parth.com $60,000
thecompany.com $60,000
thefightclub.com $60,000
whatislove.com $57,250
braindump.com $50,000
darb.com $50,000
letsbet.com $50,000

It’s great seeing such sales numbers from GoDaddy; every domain reported is of great value to the domain investing community.

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