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GoDaddy : From corporate sexism to domain powerhouse

GoDaddy and sexism.

GoDaddy went through a corporate transformation in 2013, and new CEO, Blake Irving, rolled things out with a different process.

Gone are the days of blatant sexist ads, with big-breasted female models pitching domains at Super Bowl commercial gawkers.

These sleazy times were erased from the action book of GoDaddy, and Blake Irving promoted a series of internal procedures to improve the company’s functions and public image.

GoDaddy also focused on tackling the small biases that can affect everything – from how executives evaluate employees, to how salaries are decided.

And that’s all good, as the company’s valuation currently stands at $7 billion dollars.

The New York Times features an article on GoDaddy’s transformation, titled “If GoDaddy Can Turn the Corner on Sexism, Who Can’t?” and you can read it here.

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