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#GoDaddy glitch : You need an extra $119,999.99 dollars to get these #domains

GoDaddy wants you to spend an extra $119,999.99 dollars to get those fine .CO domains.

It seems that a series of programming errors with the GoDaddy appraisal tool add a special surcharge of almost $120k per year to the domain’s acquisition cost.

For example, the domain Zombie.CO shows a listing price of $19,999 dollars as a privately listed domain. The annual fee of $119,999.99 dollars is on a separate line.

Zombie.CO is owned by NameFind, a subsidiary of GoDaddy that holds its corporate portfolio of domains for sale.

Zombie.CO appears to come with an annual surcharge of almost $120k.

So what does GoDaddy say about this Grinch move to seemingly add almost $120k to a domain’s fees?

Apparently, it’s a glitch related to the GoDaddy appraisal tool:

There is no surcharge. That additional pricing only seems to appear as a bug on our appraisal page. Making sure our devs are made aware to correct this. ^CG

Phew. This is good news then, so if you were scared away by the original price, hopefully by 2020 the glitch will be gone.

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