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GoDaddy : Hilarious response to overpriced domain inquiry!


Yesterday, during some downtime, we had some innocent fun with the GoDaddy tech support.

We checked the availability of the .game domain listed below, and had to ask GoDaddy about its pricing.

Is this domain priced right?

Is this domain priced right?

As you’ll see, they remained 100% professional during the brief exchange, and there is no doubt that they were just doing their job.

That pricing though?

We only “stole” a couple of minutes of their time. πŸ˜€

The exchange below has been edited to remove the support agent’s name, and to outline our questions.

Enjoy πŸ˜€

[GoDaddy] Thank you for chatting with us! How may I help you today?

[Visitor] Hello trying to get this domain and the price is not right

[Visitor] I am confused

[GoDaddy] Hi, Could I get your customer number and a 4 digit call pin number that I can take a look at the account with?

[Visitor] I need help figuring out if the price is right

[Visitor] Maybe too much?

[Visitor] I want a .game domain

[GoDaddy] what is the domain?

[Visitor] bestfuckinggameintheuniverse.game

[Visitor] Sorry ‘fucking’ for emphasis

[Visitor] says $359.99

[GoDaddy] Sounds like you may have a discount on it. The price of that domain is currently $419.99

[Visitor] Why? I thought it could be much less

[Visitor] Even the .com is available

[Visitor] So I wanted to know if I am making a mistake here.

[Visitor] I want to support .game as I am a gamer

[GoDaddy] because it is a .game

[Visitor] πŸ™

[Visitor] I can’t spend that much sorry. But thanks for the discount.


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