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GoDaddy is the “Master of your Domain” and it’s up for sale

GoDaddy, the biggest domain registrar in the world, independently operates a portfolio of acquired domains.

Namefind LLC, the GoDaddy domain portfolio managers, is a domain concierge service that operates outside of the usual GoDaddy aftermarket.

Those of us old enough to remember the “Master of your Domain” episode from the Seinfeld comedy series, probably looked up the .com already and it’s owned by Namefind / GoDaddy.

Are you the master of your domain?

The term refers to abstaining from any type of sexual activity, either with someone else or alone.

The domain MasterOfYourDomain.com was registered in 2000 and it’s part of the Marchex domain portfolio acquired by GoDaddy in 2015, for $28.1 million dollars in cash.

So how much money do you have to spend, in order to own MasterOfYourDomain.com and thus, a memorable meme from the Seinfeld era?

About $9,999 dollars, according to this link, which points to the Afternic checkout process – another domain aftermarket owned by GoDaddy.

Here’s the Seinfeld episode about being the “Master of your Domain.” 😀

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