GoDaddy Perks: Registrar introduces ‘Commission Suction’ for all affiliates

For 10k GoDaddy Perk points you get to ogle  Bar Refaeli for 2 hours.

For 10k GoDaddy Perk points you get to ogle Bar Refaeli for 2 hours.

Godaddy, the world’s largest registrar – both by the total number of domains and chest circumference of its female promoters – is once again offering a pioneering new product.

“Gone are the days that you’d be slaving your time on TDNAM’s affiliate network, hoping that one out of 100 visits would convert,” said GoDaddy affiliate officer, Patrick DeStrongo.

“We had so many complaints in the past from people stating they aren’t making enough money, to some complaining they make too much money! So this will now change,” added DeStrongo, smiling.

The new affiliate network for anyone willing to contribute their time and braincells, has been dubbed “Commission Suction” internally at GoDaddy. The new process involves a series of perks that are converted immediately when GoDaddy ads are displayed, not just when people click!

Patrick DeStrongo explained the process of this new exciting product at GoDaddy:

“With the Commission Suction network, every banner or referral counts, and at a time when bitcoins rule, who really needs cash?” asked DeStrongo, rather rhetorically. “So you can now earn GoDaddy Perks with a tiered point system – much like airlines offer flight miles – and exchange them for GoDaddy services. Brilliant, or what, hot-damn!” exclaimed DeStrongo, ending his phrase with dramatic emphasis.

Some of these GoDaddy Perks are outlined below:

  • 100 GoDaddy Perk points: free WHOIS shield for one domain/30 days.
  • 500 GoDaddy Perk points: 40% discount for web hosting (2-year commitment required.)
  • 1,000 GoDaddy Perk points: free domain registration (ICANN fees apply.)
  • 5,000 GoDaddy Perk points: free SSL certificate (offer valid in AK, AR, MS and DE.)
  • 10,000 GoDaddy Perk points: dinner with Bar Refaeli, limo included. Tips and dessert are extra.

Note that the GoDaddy Perk points are converted on a tenth percentile basis, e.g. 100 Godaddy Perk points represent 1,000 impressions of the affiliate link.

It’s evident that GoDaddy is serious about its strong commitment to the domainer community, some of which has been duly seeding their affiliate id onto every link of their web site or blog. Commission Suction will surely be the source of success for many domainers, for years to come.


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