GoDaddy poster girl, Gwen, goes back to her old job

GoDaddy Super Bowl commercial poster girl, Gwen, may have taken her best chance during that televised event to start her own business – but it’s now over.

Early this week, Gwen returned to her previous employer, determined to make things work; unlike with her short-lived puppet project, healthcare benefits are now provided.

GoDaddy's puppet business didn't work out in the end.

GoDaddy’s puppet business didn’t work out in the end.

“It’s a disappointment, for sure. All I wanted was to make people happy, to make kids happy with my puppets. GoDaddy said I could make its customers happy too, but things didn’t work out,” said Gwen, shaking her head.

GoDaddy did not elaborate why its relationship with Gwen was terminated, citing company policies.

Meanwhile, Gwen’s employer is elated by her decision to return to her factory job, as of this week:

“Glad she made it back, she is a nice woman, and I’ll make sure her requests for extra perks will be met,” said factory manager, JR Spintz.

“She can take longer lunch breaks to work on her puppet designs, and still earn health benefits by nailing screws to refrigerators from 9am to 5pm,” added Spintz, smiling.

The Obama administration’s requirements for self-coverage on healthcare with high premiums, makes it impossible for people like Gwen to live their American dream, even with the help of a GoDaddy commercial.


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