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GoDaddy spent the best part of 2000’s known to the public as a company rolling out saucy commercials during the Super Bowl.

The departure of its founder, Bob Parsons, from the role of CEO brought in a new attitude and altitude; GoDaddy is now the #1 domain registrar in the world.

Cleaning its image and instilling a new, professional ethic for the industry and its clients, has been a success for GoDaddy.

Statistically, there are more professionals using GoDaddy for their domains than any other registrar, and GoDaddy is now targeting those professionals with GoDaddy Pro, a new service for the customers of their customers.

GoDaddy Pro.

GoDaddy Pro.

GoDaddy Pro allows web developers, designers and other IT professionals to manage domains and add-on services on behalf of their own clients.

GoDaddy Pro account holders receive dedicated support and a range of services catering to their needs.

  • Account Management
  • Select and buy for clients
  • Site Monitoring
  • Expense Tracking
  • Advanced technical support

Overall, it’s a boutique service that specializes in those aspects of domain and hosting services that numerous professionals around the world provide to others.

To view its benefits, visit

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