GoDaddy: Rare decision to close offices for the rest of February

In an apparent attempt to mimic the perks enjoyed by employees of, GoDaddy has announced the closure of its offices for the rest of the month – giving employees paid time off.

The big news was well-received, when middle management disclosed it to all GoDaddy associates during the company meeting:

“After careful examination of how other registrar companies treat their valuable employees, we decided to keep our offices closed,” said Brad Forest of GoDaddy.

“Employees will enjoy the sunshine, go to the beach, spend more time with their families or catch a football game. It’s the American way, and GoDaddy is very supportive of that,” added Forest.

Under this unexpected plan, GoDaddy employees won’t have to work on February 29th, 30th and 31st – a rare gift from the biggest domain registrar in the world who became a household name by using buxom women in its Super Bowl commercials.

What will do next?


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