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#GoDaddy rebranding : A design nod to #Uniregistry

As the biggest registrar in the world, GoDaddy has gone through almost two decades of corporate web site redesigns, and assorted changes in the marketing mentality.

Eight years ago, the GoDaddy web site layout looked more or less like our parody elephant story, and in 2008 it looked like thisalmost. 😀

Eventually, GoDaddy removed the buxom chicks that reflected its Super Bowl commercial approach, and even dropped the “daddy” from its corporate logo.

Change is welcome, and in the very latest incarnation of its corporate web site, the GoDaddy logo is no longer colored green, it’s black.

The layout is spacious and functionality matches the clarity of its looks, an approach borrowed from Uniregistry.

GoDaddy now uses color only in photographic visuals, to empathize with its human customers and emphasize its human side.

The overall result works well, and it’s a nod to how Uniregistry handled its corporate marketing and branding approach all along.

GoDaddy.com – August 2019

Note: Uniregistry is a premium sponsor of DomainGang; however, this is not an advertisement.

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