GoDaddy SMS code numbers win multi-million dollar Lotto jackpot!

An incredible story of luck and fortune unfolded during the 4th of July weekend, as a domain investor won a state lottery jackpot.

Gary Sbignew of Grand Rapids, Michigan, used the numbers provided in a two-way authentication SMS for GoDaddy for his selection of lotto numbers.

“I played them in pairs, 28/14/12 and provided three more numbers of my own, and my wife was laughing about it,” said Gary Sbignew, who has recently enabled two-way authentication at his GoDaddy account.

You can win the lotto by playing two-way authentication numbers.

You can win the lotto by playing two-way authentication numbers.

The next day, Sbignew checked the numbers and he found that he’s the jackpot winner, with more than $24 million dollars before taxes. He expects to get about $17 million dollars in a lump sum, after taxes.

“This is incredible, I am in denial still, but it’s all thanks to me enabling two-way authentication at GoDaddy and using the SMS numbers. I love you, GoDaddy!” exclaimed Sbignew.

Domain investors are advised to enable two-way authentication in order to protect their domains from cybercriminals that often use phishing emails to hijack accounts.

“The bottom line is, my domains are safe and I’m several million dollars richer, all thanks to GoDaddy. Wow. Thanks guys!” added Sbignew.

For more information regarding how to protect your domain names from cybercriminals, click here to listen to a recent podcast.

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