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GoDaddy will now empty the folder of “Deleted” domains after 30 days

Deleted domains: gone after 30 days.

Deleted domains: gone after 30 days.

Domain investors that often delete domains from their GoDaddy portfolio, should empty the folder.

According to new ICANN regulations, all deleted domains must be removed from the registrar after 30 days have passed.

“Finally, some new regulations from ICANN that actually make sense, no more bloated Trash folders in your account, taking over our servers!” said GoDaddy general manager, Dough Mein.

“Until now, when you deleted a domain it’d remain in a suspended mode inside your account. ICANN now asks us to delete that Trash folder every 30 days,” added Mr. Mein.

Millions of suspended domains that were deleted by their users, will thus be permanently removed in the coming days.

Domain registries are expected to experience a large drop in their total numbers, due to this sudden measure implemented in recent weeks.

“Nobody wants to keep trash forever, and at GoDaddy we’ll make thing easy for you,” said Dough Mein, adding: “A large EMPTY TRASH reminder pop up will appear every time you log in.”

Have you emptied your deleted domains folder lately?

Do it, or GoDaddy will have to do it for you.


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One Response to “GoDaddy will now empty the folder of “Deleted” domains after 30 days”
  1. Ron says:

    Deleting or removing trash of deleted domain name is not bad. It’s better not to keep what’s already been lost. I think it’s a good step.

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