Going Dutch : Entrepreneurs won’t pay much for domains in The Netherlands

The Netherlands.

If you’re dreaming of selling domains to a Dutch buyer, better drop your asking price – a lot.

A new research on domain adoption and budgets for domains by Dutch entrepreneurs, produced some very interesting results.

About 80% of Dutch entrepreneurs have been able to register the domain name of their first preference without any problems. Only 9% had to pay a high price to get their domain name.

So what constitutes a “high price” for the Dutch?

According to the survey, conducted among 1,398 respondents, including 419 entrepreneurs and 979 potential entrepreneurs, 68% said they would be willing to pay an average of EUR 139 ($156) to acquire an already registered domain name.

For potential entrepreneurs, the amount is “significantly” higher, at EUR 227 ($255.)

These numbers are laughable, of course, compared to the average domain sale in the aftermarket that can run in the thousands of dollars.

For more details on the Dutch survey, click here.

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