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Going Global: Newsweek, Oversee and Dr. Chris Hartnett


Elliot Silver’s quick poll about the new name of the Domainfest conference, now called WebFest Global, shows that almost half of the voters don’t like the new name. That means, the other half either like it or are indifferent.

Meanwhile, Newsweek magazine is ending its printed publication, after nearly 80 years of weekly issues.

While it still retains more than 2 million paid subscribers, advertisers that spent more than $300 million between 2007 and 2011 don’t spend that much anymore, thus affecting the livelihood of the printed edition.

Newsweek is thus moving onto digital format starting in 2013. The new format is named Newsweek Global.

Which brings us to Dr. Chris Hartnett, whose “Global” portfolio is the largest in the world. With more than 3,500 domain names in that portfolio, Dr. Chris Hartnett possesses a large chunk of desirable domains that contain the “global” keyword.

As we see from this example, “Global” is the new trend and we would not be surprised if more businesses adopted this keyword for their respective markets worldwide!


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